July 4, 2018

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Produced and directed by Ken Gumbert
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Saving Grace was given the Gabriel Award for the Best Documentary shown on National Television in 2005

Saving Grace reveals the human rights violations in Czechoslovakia under Communist rule from the Soviet takeover in 1948 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Selected from over forty hours of interviews, nineteen

people describe how they overcame physical and mental oppression to bring freedom to their country.



Two other Films by Ken Gumbert: “Between Two Worlds,” and “Ritual Way,”

Two Films on Life, Survival, and Religious Rites Among the Utes of Utah’s High Desert, followed by an interview with the filmmaker

In “Ritual Way” rarely filmed rites, in which the filmmaker is himself a participant, a Ute spiritual leader calls down blessings and prays for spiritual strength. The focus is on the sacramental sense that is the same for both Ute and Catholic ritual.

Between Two Worlds” describes the struggle of the Utes to maintain their spiritual values and religion traditions in a White world whose language and value system do not have words adequate to express the Ute realities. The Ute focus on open and living land as a source of all life runs head on into the White view of land as private property and financial resource.

In his interview documentary filmmaker Ken Gumbert draws on his own experiences interviewing the victims of KGB repression of human and religious rights in the former Soviet Union to highlight the plight of the Native Americans.

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